Long Needle Pine Straw Delivery & Installation


High Quality Long Needle Pine Straw

We recommend our Long Needle Pine Straw (also called longleaf pine straw) for better spread, purity, color, and longer life.

Only $4.00 per bale.


Pine Straw Installation

Add pine straw installation for only $2.50 per bale.


Delivery Fee

Our delivery fee is $40 within 10 miles of our address.

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Pine Straw and Mulch Delivery and Installation in Cumming, GA

Pine Straw is the most economical choice, and a favorite among Atlanta lawns.  Pine Straw is native to the region thus making it more affordable and a good choice for the environment.  When Pine Straw breaks down, it returns excellent nutrients to the soil helping future flowers grow even more beautiful!

Pine Straw is delivered and installed for $5.75 per bale.

Hardwood or Bark Mulch is a premium mulch choice.  Selections include several colors, trees, and styles.  Mulch can be repainted and refreshed to look like new!  Like pine straw, as mulch breaks down it returns nutrients to your beds.

Hardwood or Bark Mulch is delivered and installed for $65 per cubic yard.  Selection includes:

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Red
  • Natural
  • Pine Bark Nuggets
  • Pine Bark Minis
  • Cypress
  • Hill Hugger
  • Kid-Safe

Cumming, GA Pine Straw

30040, 30041, 30028

Roswell, GA Pine Straw

30075, 30076

Johns Creek, GA Pine Straw

30005, 30022, 30024, 30097

Alpharetta, GA Pine Straw

30004, 30005, 30009, 30022, 30023

Milton, GA Pine Straw